Aquí tenéis algunas ideas para hacer manualidades con los niños sobre Adán y Eva

Puedes hacer una serpiente con papeles rectangulares pegados unos a otros, siempre con colores que contrasten... si le colocas una carita al comienzo, tendrás una serpiente que servirá para la historia de Adán y Eva en el jardín del Edén.

Serpiente de un plato de papel


-un plato de papel.




Dibuja la forma con el rotulador y recórtalo. Píntalo, y dibuja la cara y lengua de la serpiente. También se puede hacer en cartulina

Serpiente realizada con cartón del papel higiénico

Craft with a toilet paper roll!Slithering snake #craft just in time for springThrowing away toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls can be frustrating because there's got to be something you can do with them, but you can never think of what that could be. Here's the solution -- make a "snake." This one doesn't slither on its own or bite :)TP roll snake craft -- this would be fun when talking about Moses and Pharoah or Adam and Eve. #kidminBubble Wrap Snake Craft Craft from www.daniellesplace.comChinese Snake Craft {Summer camp At Home}Swirling Snakes Craft Kit - Makes 10, Themed Crafts for Kids, Wild & Jungle Animals, childrens crafts, children's craft suppliesSnake Craft.  Make with craft foam.  Year of the snakeGarden of Eden Tree and Snake CraftEasy Snake Craft: Jungle Theme SSTAdam & Eve Crafts and Activity (Free)cardboard egg carton - you need five cups  		scissors,  		green and brown tempra paint (or any other colors you want for   			your snake)  		paint brush  		string, wool or pipe cleaners to assemble your snake  		sharp pencil  		red construction paper for the tongue  		wiggly eyes and glue or black marker or red construction paper   			for the eyes

apple craft activities for toddlers kids children | glue your cut out apples onto the tree draw on leaves and stems using ...Adam & Eve Disobey - ABC Jesus Loves Me

can be flowers or trees
Craft idea for Adam and EveAdam & Eve - Sunday School Crafts (Had to repin this because other link wasn't working.)Church House Collection Blog: Adam and Eve Toilet Paper Roll Craft


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  2. muchas gracias por estas ideas para trabajar la lección de adan y eva, no queria llevarle a los niños solo una hoja para pintar, bendicioes

  3. lindos las serpiertes buenos trabajos manuales bendiciones


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